Education to Employment — Setting Up Students for Success in the Workforce

2 min readDec 31, 2020
ASU+GSV Virtual Summit 2020

Change — this word encompasses all that 2020 has been. Change of social interactions, change of daily routines, change of communication, and so much more. Change is difficult, but it can provide opportunities that we might have not had previously. Richard Novak, ASU + GSV Summit Panelist from Rutgers University, said as challenging this year has been, it has provided a digital aspect to almost everything. We’ve digitized how we get everyday necessities, how we access information, and how we communicate. Personally, this digital change allowed me to engage with the ASU + GSV Summit. As an aspiring EdTech leader, current Indeed employee, and lifelong learner, I am grateful to be able to hear from these leaders in the education industry.

I created this micro-course with my takeaways from the ASU + GSV Summit to share with Indeed’s Assessment and Certification teams. Indeed’s mission is to Help People Get Jobs. Now, more than ever, that mission is imperative. There are high levels of unemployment and an urgent need to get people back to work. However, COVID-19 has accelerated some changes within the education and workforce — we are seeing new skillsets required in jobs that traditional education isn’t teaching. Already having a large reach with both job seekers and employers, Indeed has an opportunity to help solve this skills gap — connecting job seekers to education opportunities and employers to highly skilled talent.

Course Audience: Indeed’s Assessment and Certification Teams. Indeed Assessments provides 150+ tests for employers to evaluate on-the-job skills of candidates. Indeed Certifications help connect job seekers to certifications for certain jobs or skills.

Today’s Problem: There is a big disconnect between our education systems and today’s workforce. There is a mismatch between skills that our students are learning versus skills that are required (or could be required in the future) within our ever-changing workforce.

Course Objectives: This course aims to summarize the ideas of the ASU + GSV Summit panelists, specifically regarding Education to Employment pathways. This course combines information from various panel videos to share an overview of our current education to employment pathways and pose discussion questions for how we can bridge students to the right skills and therefore the best jobs for them.

Follow along this interactive micro-course to learn about the education ecosystem, understand the needs of the learner, and brainstorm areas of opportunities to bridge education to employment, while keeping the learner at the center.

Thank you so much to all the panelists! You can check out the full playlist for Education to Employment from the ASU + GSV Summit here.

Education to Employment Playlist (8 Videos)